Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Yeah, I know...

I haven't posted in a long time. I'm stuck over on Myspace and it has a grip on me. It's just less of a commitment than this, I guess.

Life sucks sometimes. I just lost my grandpa. I posted a blog on my Myspace and it went a little something like this:

"I lost my Grandpa March 3, 2006. He went to be with the Lord while he was sitting in his recliner getting ready for the Tulsa Gun Show. He was an amazing man and the best Grandpa anyone could ask for. He always made me feel special! He always had a smile for you and I don't recall ever seeing him angry. He was pretty laid back, so it would take a lot to get him upset. He was an expert on Colt handguns and world-reknown for his knowledge of them. He also dabbled in jewelry. He gave me a little pair of diamond earrings when I was 2 years old, which I will forever cherish! He let me drive his Corvette around Skiatook (a brave move!). He wasn't the kind of man you would typically see in a Corvette, given that he always wore overalls! But it worked for him ;)

In highschool, he was the captain of the football team and the baseball team in Wellston, OK. He was so good at baseball, in fact, that he was being scouted for the pros and got to play with Mickey Mantle. However, in stead of leading the glamorous life of a star athlete, he opted to serve our country in the military. My Grandpa served in Korea and earned a Purple Heart for his bravery. After coming home, he and my Grandma (Ann) became the parents of Gary (my Dad) and Larry and raised them first in Tulsa before moving to Skiatook. The Keener family lived life in the "fast lane" as my Grandpa owned a dragster and would race it in Tulsa. He's always been an entrepreneur and owned Keener Service station in Tulsa back in the 50's or 60's. He then had a car lot in downtown Skiatook. He loved his cars! Most of all, though, he loved his family. In all the roles he played and "hats" he wore, I think Grandpa was his best!
I went back home to Oklahoma for the funeral, which I wouldn't have missed for anything. It was tough, but starting the grieving process is so important. It was great to see my family and go through this time with them.

If you knew my Granpda for any length of time, you can somewhat relate to the stories I've shared. However, you will never know him quite the same as I did.

My sweet Grandpa, I'll see you again someday! "

So, that's it. I just didn't have the strength to type another one.