Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy anniversary, sort of...

Well, congratulations to me!! It's my (just over) one year since I posted anniversary!! If you missed the party, I'm sorry. It was a real treat!

Life has been crazy in this past year. Everyone has a busy life and some people like to talk about those things that keep them busy. I chose not to talk about those things. Most of them were not all that fantastic and probably not worth talking about. You know, just the day-to-day hum drum stuff that we have to do to get by. A percentage of them might have been worth recalling and if I can think of them I'll try to give you an update. An even smaller percentage were things I do not wish to share with the entire world and shall therefore remain unpublished. So there.

Cool things (IMHO): I turned 26 (and now am about to turn 27). It was a good age to be. I feel I've gained wisdom in this past year and great life experience. I spent my birthday in sunny Florida and came back to a nice party at my house :) Some of you were there.

Phil and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and spent it gallivanting around Europe for about ten days. It was a trip that seemed to whisk us back to that carefree time early in our relationship when the world was our oyster. [I guess it still is, we just have a lot more responsibilities. Mortgages have their way of sucking some fun out of life ;) ] We spent time in England, mostly around London, and France - mostly in Paris. I highly recommend doing this at some point in life with the person you love the most. It was worth every penny, pound and euro.

Got a MacBook! Yay!! Love the Mac and the endless possibilities of entertainment via Phil creating songs in Garageband. Good times.

Went to Disney with the family! Always a good time.

Went to Vegas! It was our first trip there. We went for my friend Laura's wedding, which was great and Laura was beautiful. I hadn't seen Laura in probably 4 years and her family in over 5 years. Needless to say, it was great to catch up! Vegas, itself, is hard to sum up. It was just an overwhelming experience of the good and bad things money can bring to your life. You could see extreme wealth and extreme poverty in the span of a few blocks. Despite all that, we had a good time and made some good memories.

Not so cool things: We came back from Europe and the hundreds of digital photos I had taken and put on our computer (not the Mac) were lost when our hard drive crashed. Lesson learned: BACK UP FILES TO CD

My good friend Hattie moved away to Utah for a job. It's a dream job working for the US
Ski and Snowboard Assoc., so I really can't blame her. It just stinks that she's so far away and our communication efforts are so often interrupted by the shoddy signal she gets in the mountains.

That's all I can think of right now. Plus I want to go "play" outside because its a nice day.

Emily, I hope you're happy ;)