Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Phillie!!!

We had a blast celebrating Phillie's birthday (Nov. 12th) this year! We celebrated multiple times, starting with our visit to Oklahoma, where we smashed a couple cakes and opened a few presents. Followed by a lifegroup party, complete with Mommy-made Superman cupcakes with P2's little-people friends. Finally, we had a serious, throw-down, mega party at Ma Maw and Pa Paw's house with the family and a few more friends and little ones. Here are some photos of the fun!


Jen said...

Adorable pics! So glad you [finally!] posted!

Good to have you back in the bloggy world.


Becky said...

These pictures are so cute Kristin! I love the Kryptonite table and the cakes look AMAZING! Seems like P2 had a great 1st birthday!