Monday, October 19, 2009

it's almost here...the 1st birthday!

Amazing, but true, Phillie's 1st birthday is just a few weeks away! I can't believe my baby boy is almost one year old! They say time flies, but MYLANTA!(my favorite exclamation as of late), where does the time go? We're going with a Superman theme. I guess I'll work out the details here in the next week or two. It's all just for the adults anyway! Phillie would much prefer playing with a box or the dog's toys. I wonder if he will even like Superman down the road. Probably, if his Daddy has anything to do with it. When Phil Sr. was a kid, you could see him on any given grocery trip wearing a costume of some sort. So, if you live in Central Ohio and you see a kid wearing a cape with a giant "P" on the back, it just might be me and my little man :)

1 comment:

Jen said...

Perfect theme for Phillie's first birthday.

So sad we are going to miss the celebration. :(