Tuesday, September 08, 2009

fond memories of my housekeeper

Ahh...I remember the blissful days of yore when we could afford to employ a housekeeper. It was simply divine...arriving home from work to a lemon-scented, dust-free paradise. Now that I'm a SAHM and operating a home on one income, we can no longer afford this luxury. I really don't mind cleaning my house, in fact, I rather enjoy it. However, there's just something so decadent about having someone else clean it and to be able to plop down on the sofa and relax, knowing your home is neat and tidy.

I think a bulk of the fondness for that time stems from the now-impossible task of KEEPING my house clean. Nearly impossible, I should say, with a crawling baby leaving a trail of toys wherever he goes. Now, I suppose, it's a different standard of "clean." My home can be technically clean, yet messy at the same time, you see. C'est la vie.

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