Sunday, September 20, 2009


It's a quiet, rainy Sunday and everyone else in the house is napping except me. Although the calendar says it's still Summer for a bit longer, I can smell Autumn in the air. I was in the kitchen making apple sauce for Phillie and I looked out the window just in time to catch a leaf falling off our River Birch tree. It was as if Fall was happening right before my eyes. It's so amazing to watch the transition of God's creation from shades of green to a wide spectrum of vibrant color! I snapped this picture of the tree and the bright red burning bushes below it. The next few weeks will be like a beautiful painting, constantly evolving, of trees and bushes giving us one last burst of life before they slumber for Winter. I love this time of year in Ohio. It's something I never really got to experience in Oklahoma, where you go straight from Summer into Winter, all at a Friday night football game.


Jen said... favorite season is here! I love to hear the leaves crunching underneath my feet, smell the autumn air and enjoy Ohio State fever. :)

Becky said...

I LOVE this time of year!!! And you're right, Oklahoma doesn't "do fall" the way Ohio does. Love it!